Work, work, work

It’s all “go” at 1919 Media right now. On vacation? work a bit. Meant to be sleeping? work a bit more.

After a period of time away from accepting new clients, we recently re-opened the proverbial doors and with it, the floodgates. There was a temptation to step away from web design due to the required work hours, but our clients convinced us otherwise.

We have a number of projects that are going “live” in the coming week, and our own website will be spruced up a tad. Some of our most recent work is absent from the Portfolio section, but should be updated by the end of the week. Clients come first, so all current projects will be completed before attentions turn to our own.

The main reason for web design being such a restrictive industry is that it’s very self-involved. You work on clients websites on a daily basis and often two, three, four at a time. It’s tough to commit to projects 100% when you’re juggling multiple different brands at a time, trying to make each client (rightly) feel as important as they believe themselves to be. It didn’t help that we were a new business chasing new clients, so our prices were borderline ridiculous to the point where I wasn’t even able to pay myself minimum wage.

It’s probably something I’ll look to address in the coming year, perhaps a three/four month hiatus on a yearly basis might not be such a bad thing.

Our pricing structure has recently changed slightly, and we’ll be trying our best to balance large, medium and small projects accordingly. This may often lead to not being available for a new project right away, but contact us even if we have our “currently not accepting new clients” notice up, as we can refer you to a partner design firm in the UK that has similar talents and work ethic.

Keep your eye on our currently blank “news” section in the coming days. It will be populated with goodies.

And now, at crazy o’clock, it’s back to work for me.

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